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Design & Manufacturing of a Batch Oven for Powder Coating

Batch Oven Mahan Batch Oven

While servicing a competitor's oven at a sports product manufacturer, Mahan Oven & Engineering Co., Inc recognized that a custom
batch oven for powder coating would be a better fit than the extremely large conveyor oven that was currently in the system. We started
with a smaller oven that would handle the majority of their product line but could be expanded at a later date. Within 3 months, the
customer had saved enough on fuel bills to order the new expansion of the oven.

This customer was extremely satisfied with their custom batch oven. For more information, or to learn more about our other products and services, please contact Mahan Oven

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Project Highlights about this custom designed and manufactured batch oven

Product Description Batch oven for powder coating, authentic equipment
Overall Oven Dimensions Length: 14' 4-3/4"
Width: 11' 6-1/2"
Oven Specifications
  • Maxon Gas Burner
  • Honeywell Gas Valve Train
  • Honeywell Flame Safeguard with Annunciator
  • Backward Inclined Circulation Fan
  • Tubular Steel Support Frame
  • 6" Thick Aluminized Steel Insulated Panels
  • Discharge Ductwork Along Both Sides of Oven
  • Adjustable Orifices in Ductwork for Balancing Airflow
  • Double Doors on One End Only
  • Forward Curved Exhaust
  • Digital Indicating Temperature Controller
Delivery Time 6 to 7 Weeks
Product Name Batch Oven for Powder Coating