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Design & Manufacturing of Custom Process Oven for Blown Film Manufacturing

A customer in need of a custom process oven for blown film manufacturing commissioned Mahan Oven & Engineering Co., Inc. We custom designed and manufactured the oven specifically tailored to all of their needs. Many specialized, state-of-the-art features were included in the product, including two heated convection zones and steam-heated rolls.

The finished product was delivered to a highly satisfied customer and was an example of Mahan Oven’s commitment to quality, customer service, and perfection. For more information on our other products and services, please contact Mahan Oven.

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Project highlights about this custom designed and manufactured process oven

Product Description

Custom process oven for use in the manufacturing of blown film

Oven Specifications

Welded Structural Steel Frame
Aluminized Steel Insulated Panels
ASME Code Stamped Steam Cylinders
(2) Heated Zones

Fitted to Accommodate Removable Nozzles
Electric Open Coil Heaters
Deublin Rotary Union & Armstrong Differential Condensate

Industry for Use

Manufacturing of blown films